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Submitted by admin on Wed, 01/23/2008 - 9:39am

In Print: Marie-Andrée Bergeron and Eileen Lohka

We announce the publication of two books: Les intellectuel.Les au Québec – Une brève histoire by Marie Andrée Bergeron, and Déclinaisons masculines by Eileen Lohka.
Les intellectuel.Les au Québec offers an innovative discussion and rediscovery of ideas held in Quebec for a century and a half. The authors take into account two fundamental parameters framing Quebec society: religion and nationalism. Inevitably, there is a questioning of the figure of the Catholic intellectual, or the obstacles that were confronted by intellectuals in general. The publication underscores their way of telling, one that pays particular attention to the specific intellectual affirmation of women.
From her native Mauritius to Haida Gwaii via Latin America, Eileen Lohka invites us to visit a gallery of portraits of men brushed in dark shades in Déclinaisons masculines. In texts that take diverse forms under multiple horizons, men are depicted as contrasting and sensitive landscapes. As they face others, they will ultimately have to deal with their innermost self. As sole masters of their destiny, they appear at times cruel and tyrannical, at times fragile, tender and mysterious, always complex. It will be up to you, the reader, to discover the tragic richness of their humanity

Happy Retirement to Prof. Candelaria Konrad

 Photograph of Candelaria KonradThe department wishes a fruitful and enjoyable retirement to Candelaria Konrad. Professor Konrad, who holds a BA with Distinction and a Masters in French and Spanish from the then Department of Romance Studies, joined the department as a full-time Spanish Instructor in 1997. For her dissertation, she specialized on the short stories of prominent Mexican writer, Justo Sierra Méndez. Other research interests include: the contemporary Mexican Short Story, indigenous writings, Second Language teaching and methodologies and Latin American Culture. Professor Konrad has taught countless undergraduate students in all levels of Spanish. The development of an innovative course in 2003 that helped students acquire more fluency and confidence in interpersonal communication is among Konrad´s many projects for which she received grants and awards. In addition to her work as coordinator for study abroad and exchange programs in Mexico, she was also the principal contact person and organizer of Word Fest, helping to bring critically acclaimed Mexican authors to Calgary to participate in this annual event. She has been very active in the community, fostering ties with different institutions and associations in order to organize and promote the rich and diverse cultural traditions of Mexico in Calgary.

GREATsupervisor Awards: Sélom Gbanou and Rachel Schmidt

It is with great pleasure that we report that Sélom Gbanou and Rachel Schmidt have received excellence awards from the Faculty of Graduate Studies, the GREATsupervisor Awards.
This award is presented to faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in supervision; mastery and enthusiasm in their subject area; creativity, versatility and fairness in teaching; and an engaging rapport with students.
Dr. Gbanou and Dr. Schmidt obtained the recognition for their hard work and dedication supervising students in the MA and PhD programs. A reception was held to express thanks and appreciation to all recipients.
Dr. Gbanou’s research interests include postcolonial studies, theatre, visual arts, francophone African literature, and literary theories. He is also the founder and editor of the Francophone studies journal Palabres.
Dr. Schmidt is an internationally recognized Cervantes scholar; she also engages in research in early-modern Spanish literature, the relation between visual arts and literature, and literary theory.

Call for Papers: Émile Benveniste, la croisée des disciplines

The Cercle Benveniste at the University of Calgary will hold its first international colloquium, Émile Benveniste, la croisée des disciplines, on June 03-04, 2016. The conference is meant to be an intellectual rendezvous around Benveniste’s contributions, through the exploration of his actuality in linguistics, literature and many other disciplines of the Humanities and Social Sciences. This colloquium is an invitation to (re)read texts by Benveniste from the standpoint of our respective fields; a concerted reading that would help us assess the impact of a very important (but sometimes forgotten) researcher. Key concepts such as utterance and enunciation; speaker; discourse; subjectivity, are used (sometimes profusely) well beyond language sciences, without people knowing they come from him. We therefore invite colleagues, graduate students and professionals of all disciplines to join us in a collective environment of deliberation and sharing, with the main thread being the thought and contributions of Émile Benveniste. The deadline for submission is January 15, 2016.  Version française.