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Submitted by admin on Wed, 01/23/2008 - 9:39am

As of July 1, 2016, the Department of French, Italian and Spanish has consolidated with the Department of Linguistics, Languages and Cultures to become the School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures. Visit the new website and watch for other exciting developments, coming soon.

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Call for Submissions: Archives - II

In 2017 the School hopes to publish Archives - II, the second volume of the ebook-anthology featuring our students’ creative writing.
This multilingual anthology was born out of the need to offer a space for the expression of our students' creativity, and to serve as an archive of their efforts.
We welcome contributions in all languages taught in the School: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.
Budding writers in our classes are cordially invited to send us their short stories, poetry and creative compositions.
In some cases, students might want to submit their second language creative work with an English or French translation.
The deadline to submit all contributions to  is Friday, March 3, 2017.
Please click here to read and enjoy Archives - I.


Cercle Benveniste Recognized as Research Group

It is with great pleasure that we report that our Cercle Benveniste has been formally recognized as a research group within the Faculty of Arts. Our heartiest congratulations go to its founder, Dr. Ozouf Amedegnato, and to his numerous collaborators—both on campus and world-wide.
Founded in 2012, the Benveniste Circle is a research group located at the University of Calgary. The Circle is dedicated to the study of Emile Benveniste’ work; to his contribution not only to linguistics but also to other disciplines of humanities and social sciences; and to the (interdisciplinary) investigation of Problems in General Linguistics, using his approaches, his posture as researcher and his intuitions.
Le Cercle Benveniste meets every two weeks in the Fall and Winter semesters. Please click here to retrieve its schedule.


Tours Group Study Program, Spring 2017

During the Spring semester of 2017 students will have the opportunity to spend time in Tours (France). Participants will be immersed in a French milieu in order to enrich both their linguistic and cultural experience. Tours, in the heart of the Loire Valley, is surrounded by some of the most striking examples of French Renaissance architecture, including the famed Châteaux de la Loire. Students will take two courses; one language course in collaboration with the Universite François Rabelais, and another focused on the culture and literature of the French Renaissance. Click for more information on the Tours Group Study Program or contact Dr. Antoine Eche.


Luis Torres Receives GREATsupervisor Award

We are delighted to announce that our colleague Luis Torres has received the GREATsupervisor Award from the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
The award is presented to faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in supervision; mastery and enthusiasm in their subject area; creativity, versatility and fairness in teaching; and an engaging rapport with students. Dr. Torres obtained this recognition for his hard work and dedication supervising students in the MA, PhD and Honours programs. A reception was held on September 22 to express appreciation to all 2015/16 recipients.
A specialist in contemporary Latin American Literature, exile literature and creative writing, Dr. Torres also examines community loss, representation of trauma, memory, migration and marginality. He recently co-authored La voz y la memoria, an anthology of poems that confront the personal and social obstacles related to exile and memory and, at the same time, describe and question the process of adaptation and integration in the land of asylum.