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Submitted by admin on Wed, 01/23/2008 - 9:39am

Daniel Maher Receives Great Supervisor Award

It is with great pleasure that we report that our colleague Dan Maher has received a newly established award from the Faculty of Graduate Studies, FGS, My SupervisorSkills, GREAT Supervisor Award.
The award is presented to faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in supervision; mastery and enthusiasm in their subject area; creativity, versatility and fairness in teaching; and an engaging rapport with students. Dr. Maher obtained this recognition for his hard work and dedication supervising students in the MA and Honours programs. A reception will be held on September 16th to express thanks and appreciation to all 2014 recipients.
A specialist in French seventeenth-century literature, Dr. Maher studies narrative strategy, utopian texts and préciosité (a women’s movement particularly active in the 1650s).  He is co-investigator on a SSHRC Standard Research Grant, “L’Analyse du récit à l’ère de l’Internet,” a Digital Humanities project, with colleagues across Canada.


Retirement: Estelle Dansereau

The department wishes a rewarding and enjoyable retirement to Estelle Dansereau.  Dr. Dansereau, who holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Alberta, joined the then Department of Romance Studies in 1976. Her postgraduate training centred on modernist poetry and poetry of the Americas. Dr. Dansereau’s research interests include French poetry, the short story, French Canadian and Québécois literatures, feminist theory and women's writing, areas on which she has published extensively.  Dr. Dansereau is a renowned specialist in cultural representations of aging in twentieth-century literatures, and she is currently involved in a long-term research project dedicated to the subject. She has taught countless undergraduate students, and supervised students at the Master's and at the doctoral level. She was very active in the administrative life of the department and of the Faculty of Humanities: among her roles, she served as Associate Dean (Student Affairs), Graduate Director, and Acting Head.


RevilATIONS Graduate Conference, 30 October - 1 November

The department is very pleased to announce a graduate conference, RevilATIONS, in Fall 2014. Organized by Víctor Bedoya, Juanma Martínez, Montse Niño, Daniela Spago and Annemie Treier, the conference will feature multidisciplinary perspectives on the spectrum of malevolence. We invite proposals exploring themes such as (but not limited to):  Good vs. evil; Language of evil / evil in language; Representations of evil in religion, or space, or time, or art; Violence (both symbolic and physical); Power, greed and money; Prejudice and its shadows; Gender: the good, the bad and the ugly; and Satan as hero. We welcome students of any graduate-level degree and encourage them to present during a twenty-minute period followed by a ten-minute discussion. Click here for the announcement. Dominique Perron (University of Calgary) and Ronald Shusterman (Université Jean- Monnet - Saint-Etienne) will participate as invited speakers.


Le Cercle Benveniste

We are very glad to see Le Cercle Benveniste back for its third season. Founded by Dr. Ozouf Amedegnato, Le Cercle Benveniste is an informal linguistics club. It is intended as an exchange forum where anyone interested in language can come by and discuss, informally and in French, issues related to linguistics. It is, in a way, a peripatetic school where participants will - just like Emile Benveniste - walk in different corners of the discipline and examine the shadows, the preconceptions, and impasses; in a nutshell, they explore different aspects of language, looking for Problems of General Linguistics. Everybody is welcome! Click here for more information and the schedule.