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Colloquium: Émile Benveniste, la croisée des disciplines

The Cercle Benveniste will hold its first colloquium, Émile Benveniste, la croisée des disciplines, on June 03-04, 2016. The conference is meant to be an intellectual rendez-vous around Benveniste's contributions, through the exploration of his contemporaneity in linguistics, literature and numerous other disciplines. The colloquium will feature two distinguished speakers, Dr. Chloé Laplantine (History of Linguistic Theories Laboratory, Université Paris Diderot) and Dr. Tomáš Hoskovec (Prague Linguistic Circle and Masaryk University, Brno). Two additional events will be organized under the auspices of the colloquium, and delivered by Dr. Hoskovec: a presentation on June 6, The Prague Linguistic Circle: History and Contemporaneity, and a seminar on June 7-10, Linguistics as Encompassing Philology: Essay on a Reunifying Gesture.


Víctor Bedoya Receives GSA Excellence Award

We are delighted to announce that Víctor Bedoya, a doctoral student of Spanish, has received the 2015/16 Graduate Assistant Excellence Award from the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA).
Every year, GSA presents this award to a graduate assistant who has gone above and beyond contract terms to enhance teaching, learning and/or research. Victor boasts an extreme variety of successful experiences, including: assistant for the Group Study Program to Tours, France; laboratory and tutorial assistant for numerous Spanish courses; assistant for the Congress of the Canadian Association of Hispanists; organizer of the YRC @ YYC graduate conference; Spanish curriculum development; monitor for French and Spanish at the Writing Centre; and volunteer at the Instituto Cervantes and the Language Research Centre. More ...

Graduate Program in Languages, Literatures and Cultures

We are awaiting with anticipation the launch of this integrated program at the MA and PhD level, comprising the three existing specializations in French, German and Spanish, with the addition of two streams—Applied Linguistics and Transcultural Studies.
It will offer an innovative response to the demand for inter- and transcultural knowledge and competence in the global community. The program advances a set of critical skills that serve to develop the understanding of language and culture, applicable beyond the parameters of the academic context. We will provide students with a curriculum that, in all its nuances, invites cross-cultural initiatives, while at the same time cultivating language proficiency and deeper investigation in one target area. Please click here for complete information.

Call for Papers: *Revolution* YRC @ YYC

The department will hold its second Young Researchers’ Conference (YRC @ YYC) on October 28 and 29, 2016. The conference is meant to be a multidisciplinary every-other-year forum, where Graduate Students can exchange their vibrant and innovative research across Arts disciplines. This edition’s topic is Revolution. The Young Researchers invite fellow graduate students from all disciplines to examine, in its various acceptations, the representation and manifestation of the concept of Revolution across the discourse of various fields of study as well as the impact of Revolutions on the life of people in a society across time and space. Abstracts will be accepted until July 15, 2016. For extensive information on the conference please visit