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Submitted by admin on Wed, 01/23/2008 - 9:39am

Welcome to Marie-Andrée Bergeron and Moustapha Fall

We extend a warm welcome to Dr. Marie-Andrée Bergeron (Assistant Professor) and to Dr. Moustapha Fall (Instructor), who joined the department on July 1.
Dr. Bergeron is a scholar of 20th century Québec literary studies and discourse analysis; she earned her doctorate from Université Laval. She has written extensively on feminist studies, and is the co-founder of Françoise Stéréo. Among her publications, Les mots de désordre (Montreal: Dimedia) and Nous avons voulu parler de nous. Le discours éditorial des féministes québécoises (1972-1987) (forthcoming). She is currently working on Militances. Carnets de France Théoret 1977-1982 with Isabelle Boisclair.
Dr. Moustapha Fall's main areas of expertise are second language acquisition (French and English) and francophone literatures. He has recently co-edited Traditions Orales Postcoloniales (Paris: L’Harmattan) and authored Legacy of a Linguistic Crisis in Sunu Gaal (Saarbrücken: Lambert Academic Publishing). Wolof Children in the Crossfire of a Bilingual Education in Primary Schools in Senegal (New York: Oxford University Press) is forthcoming. He studied at the University of Cheikh Anta Diop (Dakar), the University of Wisconsin, and holds a PhD from the University of British Columbia.


Congratulations to our Graduate Students

This year six of our graduate students will receive Queen Elizabeth II Scholarships. Created by the Government of Alberta, they commemorate the Queen's visit of 2005, rewarding the high level of achievement of students in the province.
Marie-Louise Brice (PhD French) / Anthony Wall. Marie-Louise's research centres on German philosophy, in particular Nietzsche, and on French literature of the nineteenth century.
Kendra Dalke (MA Spanish) / Rachel Schmidt. Kendra is currently working on an anonymous manuscript, the Morisco ms. S2, a text covering the Morisco expulsion from Spain in 1609-14.
Rebeca Jaco (MA Spanish) / Elizabeth Montes. Rebeca’s field of investigation focuses on gender studies, identities and migration; of particular interest are first-generation Canadian Hispanics.
Charlotte Jacobson (MA French) / Daniel Maher. Charlotte plans to undertake a comparative study on the institution of marriage in the 17th century as represented by Molière and Corneille.
Dolly Sillito (MA French) / Ozouf Amedegnato. Dolly intends to pursue an exploration of social comfort and discomfort in learning a second language,
Daniela Spago (PhD Spanish) / Kenneth Brown. Daniela’s research addresses the concept of historical validity of official Sephardic male-dominated discourse in Laura Levi Papo (1891-1941).

Lady Davis Fellowship for Kenneth Brown

We are delighted that Dr. Kenneth Brown has received a Lady Davis Fellowship to conduct research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI). Dr. Brown will work with HUJI students on the institution’s extraordinary collection of incunabula (i.e., books printed before 1501) from Spain and Portugal. His research will focus on La Celestina (1499), the popular name of Tragicomedia de Calisto y Melibea, arguing that it is a Sephardic work. Attributed to Fernando de Rojas, a converted Jew, La Celestina is considered one of the masterpieces of Spanish literature.
The Lady Davis Fellowship Trust was created in 1973 to provide an opportunity for exceptional scholars outside Israel to teach, study and participate in research at HUJI and at the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa.The trust has greatly enriched these institutions by regularly introducing outstanding talent into their academic environment and by linking them, through human bridges, to the world network of knowledge and scholarship. To date, over 2,000 scholars have served as Lady Davis Fellows. The international impact and recognition is impressive, making it one of the most prestigious fellowship programs in the world. The program is named after Lady Davis, an eminent philanthropist and benefactor of educational institutions.



Visiting Professorship for Eileen Lohka

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Eileen Lohka has received a Visiting Professorship with Interactions Culturelles et Discursives, a distinguished research centre within the Faculty of Arts at Université François Rabelais in Tours, France, to be held during March 2016.
Dr. Lohka is a specialist of international francophone literatures and cultures, diasporic writing and creative fiction. In the course of her visiting professorship, she will participate in a conference on the short form (of writing); will deliver a lecture on women in French colonial Mauritius (and their traces in the institutional memory); and is planning to give graduate seminars on the Francophone literature of the Indian Ocean, and on the concept of absence portrayed in writing.
The main research focus of Interactions Culturelles et Discursives addresses the polysemic and interdisciplinary concept of « authority ». Over and above the dichotomy between « authority » and « freedom », the centre aims to rethink the range of possible relationships between what is already given and what is new, between recognized sources and spontaneous contributions― aspects which authority always combines in an idiosyncratic manner.